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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Paul and this is blog is going to let you in on some of the best tips which will make buying a property a piece of cake. I am not a professional estate agent but I do have a few years experience of buying and selling property across several Australian cities. I started developing and selling properties when I inherited a large house which used to belong to my grandmother. I didn't have a clue how the real estate market worked so I called in a friend who works in the industry. He taught me everything I need to know.

Purging, Organizing, and Storage Tips For All Your Household Clutter


Don't be embarrassed if your basement and garage are both something of a cluttered mess; many homeowners struggle to gain control over their household clutter, and they may also spend far too many hours trying to find things stored in those spaces. Purging unnecessary items, getting other items organised and taking advantage of a long-term storage unit can help to corral all that household clutter; note a few simple but effective tips in this regard.

If you moved, would you take it?

Start with items in the garage or basement that you don't use every day or haven't used over the past year. Imagine if you were to move in the near future, and ask yourself if any of those items wouldn't be worth the effort of packing up and taking with you to a new home or apartment. Broken household appliances you've delayed fixing, old car parts and other such items probably wouldn't be worth the space in a moving truck, so they can be tossed in the rubbish.

Items in the garage or basement that you don't use every day but which you would take with you if you were to move, can go in long-term storage. Remember that it's more convenient to drive to a nearby storage unit when you do need those items than it is to trip over them or have them take up space in your home every day.

Do you need all your sporting goods?

Sporting goods often take up quite a bit of space in a garage or basement, but chances are that you don't need all your sporting goods to be readily available every day of the year! Bikes and in-line skates aren't needed in wintertime, while skis and sleds just take up space during summertime. To get these items organised, start by tossing out rusted or broken items that are no longer usable and donating pieces you can't use personally, such as skates that don't fit. Other items can go in a storage unit during their off-season.

To make it easier to transport and store these items, invest in storage bins and totes that will keep them organised; tall totes can hold bats and golf clubs during wintertime, and then your skis and ski poles during summertime. Use smaller totes for holding in-line skates and baseballs you'll store during winter and the same totes to store your ice skates and hockey equipment during summertime. This will get these items out from underfoot while keeping them organised and still accessible when they're needed.

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12 July 2017