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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Paul and this is blog is going to let you in on some of the best tips which will make buying a property a piece of cake. I am not a professional estate agent but I do have a few years experience of buying and selling property across several Australian cities. I started developing and selling properties when I inherited a large house which used to belong to my grandmother. I didn't have a clue how the real estate market worked so I called in a friend who works in the industry. He taught me everything I need to know.

Taking Advantage of the Unprecedented Ascent: 3 Tips for Fetching a High Price for Your Property

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The price of real estate in Australia has continued to soar in recent years. Sydney's median real estate value hit $1.15 million in 2017 after rising 13.1% during the first three months of the year. With real estate fetching high prices, now is a good time to sell if you've been thinking about doing so for some time now. An experienced real estate agent can help you price your property and list it on the market. They'll also help you stage and prepare your home so that it can fetch the highest price possible. Here are 3 common tips that are frequently recommended.

Spend Most of Your Time Cleaning the Property Before a Showing

Before you even try to stage your home, one of the first things that you should do is spend some time cleaning and removing clutter from the home. You want to make the home as spacious as possible and should remove as many personal effects as you can. The goal is to provide a blank slate for the potential buyers to envision a life in your home. Mop the floors, wipe all counters and dust all surfaces. You also want to air out the place and try to remove any lingering odors. Use air fresheners regularly. To remove clutter, move most of your belongings into a storage unit.

Price Your Property Below Market Value

With real estate prices hitting such high prices lately, your listing will most definitely catch the eye of many potential buyers if you price the property below market value. This will get your foot in the door in terms of getting potential buyers to visit your open house or to look more into the details of your property. Pricing your home slightly below market value can also create a sense of urgency among buyers that know the market. This increases your chances of getting more offers.

Brighten Up the Rooms to Make Them More Spacious

Enticing potential buyers is also of great importance. You want them to feel as if your place is spacious and that they'll have a lot of living space to enjoy. When showing the property to potential buyers, brighten up the rooms as much as possible. Open up the windows and switch to brighter lights, for example.


An experienced real estate agent can help you stage and prepare your home so that it fetches the highest price possible in the current market. They'll also help you negotiate not only the final price with the buyers, but also the terms of the purchase.


17 May 2017