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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Paul and this is blog is going to let you in on some of the best tips which will make buying a property a piece of cake. I am not a professional estate agent but I do have a few years experience of buying and selling property across several Australian cities. I started developing and selling properties when I inherited a large house which used to belong to my grandmother. I didn't have a clue how the real estate market worked so I called in a friend who works in the industry. He taught me everything I need to know.

Two Steps to Take Before You Put Your Home Up for Sale

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Most people who wish to sell their current homes don't want to wait several months to attract a buyer. If this is the case for you, it's worth doing a little bit of preparatory work before listing your house for sale. Read on to find out more about the steps you'll need to take to get your property primed and ready for viewings.

Make a good first impression

It's a widely known fact that sprucing up your property before you advertise it is an effective way to increase your chances of getting a quick sale. However, many homeowners mistakenly assume that they should focus most, if not all, of their efforts on redecorating the interior, rather than the exterior of their properties. This is an error which can drastically extend the length of time the property is left on the market.

First impressions are crucial; if the outside of your home looks dated and neglected, many prospective buyers will instantly be put off (irrespective of how beautiful the interior happens to be). This is why it's important to invest some time into improving your property's kerb appeal.

There are several simple and quick ways to do this. If for example, your wooden front door is looking a bit worse for wear, you could sand it down and re-paint it. As long as you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself, this can be done quite cheaply; all you'll need is a few sheets of sandpaper, a bucket of paint and some brushes.

Pay attention to the smaller details, too. You could, for instance, replace the outdated handle and locks on your front door and add some new house number fixtures to it. These accent features, coupled with a fresh lick of paint, will give the door a new lease of life.

Consider adding some colourful floral arrangements to the exterior too;  a few ready-made hanging baskets placed on either side of the front door, along with some flower boxes on the window sills, will instantly add some character and visual interest to the property.

Pay attention to lighting

Many real estate agents recommend that their clients pay close attention to the lighting in their homes. It's important not to underestimate the impact that this can have on prospective buyers' perception of your property; the right lighting can make a drab, cramped room look bright and spacious. It can also help to draw attention towards your home's best features (and away from its less appealing ones!). Additionally, it can enable you to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. As such, it's worth putting some effort into this element of your home.

Try to incorporate a mixture of lighting from difference sources and angles; use accent lighting to highlight the property's most attractive components (for example, if there is a beautiful original fireplace in the house, you could add a wall-mounted light directly over it to emphasise this feature). Table and floor lamps can serve as ambient lights which will help you to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. You can then add a few reflective objects (such as mirrors, as well as shiny silver or gold decorative trinkets) to diffuse the light emitted from these sources around the room.

It's a good idea to add some lights to the exterior, too; a few portable solar lights placed along the pathway leading to your home, coupled with a lantern hung outside the front door, will go a long way towards making your home look more inviting.


8 May 2017