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How an Office Cleaning Service Can Save You Time and Money


If you have never hired a professional office cleaning service (such as SKG Pty Ltd) before, you might be wondering just how they might save you time. If your budget is tight, it is understandable that you might have no choice but to take on cleaning duties yourself. However, in the long run, you might actually be losing out financially. 

Here is why you might be better off hiring an office cleaning service in your area.

Dirt is Distracting

On average, office employees spend 1.5 hours a day searching for lost things. Add to that the statistics from a survey by, which found that 31% of employees waste roughly 1 hour a day at work on non-work related activities, and you might agree that the less time your employees spend cleaning the better. With a cleaning service to pick up stray paper, empty waste bins, clean surfaces, and make spaces neat and tidy, your employees can focus on their jobs. 

Keep Your Employees Healthy and Happy

In today's highly competitive world, time is money. This means that 90% of employees are showing up to work ill, because they fear their workload could become too much if they miss a day. An office cleaning service will make sure that those nasty seasonal bugs get wiped from surfaces and door handles, therefore keeping your staff healthy. 

Nobody likes working in a dirty, cluttered environment. Keep your staff happy by ensuring their space is germ and dirt free. 

Cleaning Supplies and Storage

Have you got time to shop for the necessary cleaning supplies? Do you know what works best, and what is safe to use on computers, glass and carpets? A professional cleaning service can save you time because they come with the right equipment, chemicals, and knowledge of how to use these items. You also never have to worry about storage because professional cleaning companies have their own storage. 

No More Late Nights

There'll be no more staying behind, or asking a tired staff member to remain behind to clean up that coffee stain on the carpet, or wash those dishes from lunchtime that you never got around to cleaning. You can go home safe in the knowledge that your staff can get right to work in the morning, rather than waste time cleaning. 

No More Cleaning Frenzies

Sometimes, you might need to make a good impression. The last thing you need is to be running around frantically cleaning because an important visitor is due to arrive at any moment. A cleaning service can ensure all your cleaning is done well in advance of a visitor's arrival.. 

If you are losing valuable time to cleaning when you should be running your business, consider hiring a professional office cleaning service to save you time and money.


27 July 2016