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Moving House: The Easy and Safe Way to Move Electronics


It would be nice if there was a Star Trek style teleport machine that would instantly transport you and your stuff wherever you needed to go. Wouldn't this make moving house a breeze? Naturally, this technology doesn't yet exist, and you still need to move your own stuff the old fashioned way. Moving your technology is one of the more complex parts of getting your stuff from your old place to your new home. When it comes to moving televisions and computers, what are some of the things you can do to make the job easier?

The Photo

Before you pack anything up, take a photo of the back of the unit. This creates a visual guide as to which cable goes into which outlet, making it infinitely easier to reconnect everything at the other end. Bundle the cables into loose circles and put them into a small plastic bag. Label the bag so that you know which unit it comes from (from the television or computer, etc).

The Best Packaging

If you have recently purchased the television or computer, you might still have its packaging. This would be perfect, and if it's the case, pack the unit as it was delivered. Use the polystyrene inserts and securely pack the device back into its box. Use strong tape to close the box. Check the weather report for both your current and future destination. If there's a danger of rain, place the box into a plastic rubbish bag to protect it from water. If you have not retained the original packaging, go to an electronics store. They might have spare packaging that they'll let you have. It doesn't need to be the exact same make and model as your device, and anything that is of the same approximate size will do.

Alternative Packaging

If you cannot source any packaging for the electronic device, you will need to find a box large enough to contain it. Wrap the device in a thick blanket and secure it with twine, much like putting a ribbon around a wrapped gift. Strong tape will also do the job. Do not allow the twine or tape to come into contact with the electronic device. Tape might strip the finishing from the device, and twine can grind against the device while in transit unless there is a "blanket buffer". This grinding motion could potentially damage the television or computer.

While removalists always take the utmost care with your possessions, it can't hurt to mark these boxes as fragile. You should also draw a "this way up" arrow onto the box so that it remains upright during transit, making it less likely that any screens will become damaged.


1 December 2015